Client: ACI Foods Ltd.

Project: New Warehouse for ACI Foods at Sirajganj.

Location: Kutirchor, Sirajganj.

Total Floor Area: 20,000.00 Sft.

Contract Value: BDT 62,699,466.00

Present Status: Completed.

Client: Akij Table Ware Ltd.

Project: Civil Construction of single storied Pre Engineered Steel Building.

Location: Trishal, Mymensingh

Total Floor Area: 350,000.00 Sft.

Present Status: Completed


Client: AR Auto Rice Mills Ltd.

Project: Construction of Pre Engineered Steel Building and different Civil foundation works.

Location: BCIC Industrial Area, Hemayetpur, Pabna

Present Status: Completed.


Client: BSRM Steel Mills Limited.

Project: Civil Construction of  APC System  Unit 2.

Location: Sonapahar, Mirasarai, Chittagong Bangladesh.

Contract Value: BDT 98,079,747.00

Present Status: Completed.

Client: Jiangsu Lingzhi Environmental Protection Co. Ltd.

Project: Turnkey Construction & Implementation Civil Works in “Effluent Pump Station (EPS) & Common Chrome Recovery Unit (CCRU)-03’’ site at Common Tannery Effluent Treatment Plant (CETP) in Tannery Industrial Estate Dhaka (TIED) Savar, Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Location: Tannery Industrial State, Savar, Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Contract Value: BDT 62,333,333.05

Present Status: Completed.

Client: EPIC Garments Manufacturing Company BD Ltd.

Project: Civil Construction work of Two Storied Pre Engineered Steel Building

Location: Adamjee Export processing Zone on plot no. 26 to 29 , Adamjee Nagar, Narayanganj.

Total Floor Area: 207,000 Sft.

Contract Value: BDT 79,610,016.96

Present Status: Completed.

Client: Evergreen Products Factory BD. Ltd.

Project: Construction of a factory building complex of Evergreen Products Factory Bd. Ltd.

Location: Uttara Export Processing Zone on Plot No. 20 to 23 & 33 to 38 , Nilphamary, Bangladesh.

Total Floor Area: 295,000 Sft.

Contract Value: BDT 269,376,904.00

Present Status: Completed.

Client: Client: Hmcl Niloy Bangladesh Limited.

Project: Civil Construction works of Hero Motocorp Niloy  Plant.

Total floor Area:

Dia 450mm to 500mm, length 15m to 25m Total nos of pile: 2446 + Admin Building 3956 Sqm + Paint shop, Warehouse Unpacking, Welding and booth pit: 6970 Sqm + Assembly & Inspection plant area: 4422 Sqm + Dispatch area : 3667 Sqm + Utility building with DG Foundation: 520 Sqm + Scrap Yard: 94.64 Sqm + Thinner Store: 38.19 Sqm + 2 Nos Guard Hose: 164.68 Sqm + Community Pavilion with Prayer hall: 716 Sqm + Guest House: 535 Sqm + LPG Yard Panel Room & Shed: 96.74 Sqm + WTP (Water Treatment Plant): 195 Sqm + Waste Storage, ETP (Effluent Treatment Plant), Hanger, Main Booth, Stripping, HWG:  626 Sqm + STP (Sewerage Treatment Plant): 205 Sqm + De sludge Pit, CO2 Cylinder: 320 Sqm + Meter Room: 21.60 Sqm + Fire Tank & Pump Room: 240 Sqm + Utility underground tank with shed: 68.45 Sqm + HSD Yard: 361 Sqm + LPG Yard: 754 Sqm + Boundary wall with 2 Nos Motorized Gate:  Length of Boundary Wall: 1335 RMT + Internal & External overhead pipe rack. + ICOG Foundation Work ( Four Pole Structure). + Heli Pad. Latest Helipad With 15 Dia Meter Covered Area. + Landscaping: 60,000 Sft Area. + Road Area: 13,895 SQM (26% Of Total Plot Area)

Green Area= Total Plot area-(Ground Coverage +Road Area+ Hard Surface) =   49973.0 SQM –{(20923.41 SQM.+ 1114.75)+ 12675 SQM+3000 SQM} = 12259 SQM (24.53% of  Total Plot Area).

Location: Padmabila, Sakhargati, Jessore , Bangladesh.

Contract Value: BDT 780,215,735.00

Present Status: Ongoing.

Client: King Kong Leather Ware Ltd.

Project: RCC Structure and super structure of two storied  RCC building with four storied foundation works.

Location: Adamjee Export Processing Zone on Plot No. 39 to 40 & 53 to 54, Adamjee Nagar, Narayanganj.

Contract Value: BDT 116,303,742.00

Present Status: Completed.

Client: Megatex Knitters Pvt. Ltd.

Project: Construction of a Two Storied Factory Building, a 100% Export Oriented Garment Factory Building.

Location: Ishwardi Export processing Zone  on Plot No. 74  to 79 , Paksey Pabna,

Total Floor Area: 1,31,000 Sft.

Contract Value: BDT 144,500,000.00

Present Status: Completed.

Client: Nestle Bangladesh Ltd.  

Project: Construction of Noodle Line 3,. Way Bridge, Oil base, internal road way, dismantle of existing factory building, Extension, Dry mix, Generator, Nitrogen Plant, Roller dryer.

Location: Rajendrapur, Gazipur.

Contract Value: BDT 64,025,653.22

Present Status: Completed.

Client: Odyssey Craft (Pvt.) Ltd.

Project: Construction of Three Storied RCC Building of Odyssey Craft (Pvt.) Ltd.

Location: 300,000.00 Sft.

Contract Value: BDT 157,100,000.00

Present Status: Ongoing.

Client: Pretty Group of  Industries.

Project: Pretty Industrial Park Limited.

Location: Jamgora, Ashulia, Savar, Dhaka.

Total Floor Area: 800,000.00 Sft

Contract Value: BDT 410,531,600.00

Present Status: Ongoing.

Client: r –pac Bangladesh Packaging Co., Ltd.

Project: Civil Construction of Single Storied Factory Building of r-Pac Bangladesh Packaging Co. Ltd.

Location: Adamjee Export Processing Zone on plot no.38 and 55, Adamjee Nagar, Narayanganj.

Present Status: Completed.

Client: Shepherd Group.

Project: Construction of RCC Office building of Shephered Group.

Location: Kathalia, Bhaluka, Mymenshingh.

Total Floor Area: 60,000.00 Sft.

Contract Amount: BDT 5,75,00,000.00

Present Status: Completed.

Client: SMC Enterprise Ltd.

Project: Construction of eight to twelve lines extended area of ORS expansion project.

Location: Bhaluka, Mymenshing.

Contract Amount: BDT 34,934,640.00

Present Status: Ongoing.

Client: World Jute factories BD Ltd.

Project: Design build civil construction works with all ancillary works of a factory building works of a 100%  export oriented jute goods manufacturing company.

Location: Ishwardi Export Processing Zone on plot no. 34 to 36 & 51 to 53, Pakshey , Pabna.

Total Floor Area: 72,000 sft.

Contract Amount: BDT 30,415,000.00

Present Status: Completed.

Client: Young-Zhen Metal Industries Ltd.

Project: Construction of a factory building as turnkey basis single storied with partial mezzanine floor pre engineered steel building .

Location: Karnaphuly Export Processing Zone on plot No.66 to 68, North Patanga, Chittagong.

Total Floor Area: 42,500 Sft.

Contract Amount: BDT 47,100,000.00

Present Status: Completed.